For me, there is nothing like this…

“This” is a vivid red lipstick with a matte finish. It’s the MAC Retro Matte lipstick / lip liner in the shade of Ruby Woo. It has a cold undertone, so if you want to cut with your smile, you can. It’s long wearing, easy to apply, travel friendly, blendable and non-sticky.

Obviously I also have the lip pencil , and I keep it sharp af. It helps me contour lips better and make them more defined.

Now that I finished with the technical stuff, I want to continue saying that this is the color of power and can stimulate deeper and more intimate passions in us, such as love and sex on the positive side or revenge and anger on the negative. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. It is also strong-willed and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power.

This lipstick also changes lives. After their makeup someone came to me and said:  ” When I saw myself in the mirror wearing it I knew I finished an era, and from a young, voiceless, scared, and limited girl I evolved into a powerful woman with a calm confidence that doesn’t need to justify herself. Now I’m more present and equilibrated. I found my inner peace ”

These are some makeups where I used it:

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