I’m addicted to glitter. Everybody knows that, so I decided to create my own palette of pressed glitters. This is what it looks like.


First of all I want to mention that they are super pigmented and they are 99,9% glitter.
It has 12 shades, described as:

#1 -A holographic intense blue glitter with cobalt, electric blue, green, turquoise, gold and silver reflections.
#2 -A unicorn fantasy made out of all of the iridescent glitters in the word. It’s reflections contain all the colors in the rainbow
#3 -Pure gold glitter. The most fine glittered gold there is.
#4 -A holographic intense dark grey glitter with all of the possible reflections.
#5 -A holographic pink glitter infused with subtle gold reflections.
#6 -A mix of blue and pink glitters.
#7 -A clear glitter with yellow, orange, red, green and more warm tones of shimmers.
#8 -A warm holographic purple glitter.
#9 -My absolutely favorite. This is THE GLITTER. It’s really hard to describe with words, but it is an invisible glitter and the only thing you can see is the electric blue reflections on the skin. It’s really delicate and luxurious. It’s…. aaaaah!  I would eat it, drink it or bathe in it. It’s my best friend.
#10 -A strong pink metallic glitter which is pigmented af.
#11 -A holographic copper glitter which is really hot. I mean hot af.
#12 -A purple glitter with turquoise and green reflections. It’s really exotic.

Here are the swatches:


Here is a makeup where I used #1, #9 and #12 :

Makeup 2

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